July 8, 2022

Explore the world of AMI

Ultra-compact and cost-effective mobility solution! Soon AMI 100% electric will be on sale in Georgia.

An innovative mobility solution to face the city in style, AMI continues the Citroën tradition that has always contributed to the evolution of the automotive landscape.
At 2.41m in length, 1.39m in width and 1.52m in height, AMI is an electric car with very small dimensions and takes up just half of a normal parking space!

ZERO EMISSIONS ZERO NOISE – AMI is 100% electric! Not only does it respect the environment, but it easily adapts to the new needs of urban mobility even in the heart of the city.
One of the many advantages of an electric car is its silence, offering passengers great comfort.

AMI gives a feeling of spaciousness and brightness thanks to the panoramic roof, the large windshield, the side windows and the rear window, large glass surfaces that allow excellent visibility for both driver and passenger.

The main charm of AMI is its simplicity. Connect the integrated cable, located inside the passenger door, to a standard electrical socket  (220v) to recharge AMI in just 3 hours. Just like a smartphone or laptop.

Driving range for AMI in Georgia has been increased up to 150 km, and the maximum speed is 45 km / h.