June 9, 2015


Three ambassadors to embody DS spirit of avant-garde

The New DS 5 advertising campaign that gets underway today, was produced by the DS brand in collaboration with the PUBLICIS La Maison agency. Launched in France, followed by China, it will continue its route on a worldwide scale starting in June.

The campaign brings together the three endorsers chosen by the brand to personify the avant-garde spirit that characterizes DS: Iris Van Herpen, Sylvestre Maurice and Zhang Hai Ao. The New DS 5 campaign spotlights their creativity and excellence, together with the points they share with the brand’s newest creation:

  • Iris Van Herpen, a fashion designer who expresses the avant-garde spirit through the use of innovative materials in her creations. She makes haute couture dresses using 3D printing techniques and she is the perfect embodiment of the know-how and attention to details that are found in DS automobiles, and particularly in the New DS 5.
  • Sylvestre Maurice. Who hasn’t heard of the Curiosity Rover currently on Mars. Its designer and pilot of its onboard camera, astrophysicist Sylvestre Maurice, deserves to be just as well known. No one is more connected than he is! He evokes the onboard technology and connectivity in the New DS 5.
  • Zhang Hai Ao is an architect who personifies excellence in engineering. He is the lead designer of the Kempinski Hotel in Beijing, shaped like the sun, an unrivalled architectural performance! This project echoes the remarkable style of the New DS 5.

To discover these three ambassadors at the wheel of the New DS 5, the 360° system together with a televised copy produced by the American director Samuel Bayer (Première Heure & Why Us) show the 3 DS brand ambassadors in action.

See it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQhK9cx_2yM&feature=youtu.be

An outdoor and press campaign completes the plan, while digital technology reinforces the television component via an interactive system found at www.driveDS.com A system that lets visitors see a series of additional content about Iris Van Herpen,, Sylvestre Maurice and Zhang Hai Ao.